Born in Blind River, Ontario, Canada, 1970

Norm Jolin had a unique perspective on life and discovered a passion for the arts by the early age of seven. The late '70s and early '80s is when his musical interests started to develop. He started playing guitar by the age of 14 and other than learning the guitar basics initially, he is self taught. Learning to play by listening to other songs and figuring out what was being played and then taking that knowledge to help him become a song writer himself. The interest to play other peoples music dwindled quickly, although it was enjoyable to listen to, it had already been done. To him the more interesting challenge was to create something new.

For over 30 years, Norm has been writing, recording and performing music. He has won numerous different competitions and has had the opportunity to perform live across Canada and the United States. Norm continues to write and record his music, collaborating with musicians and contributing his guitar work to other artists songs.

Norm has also been building his own line of guitars which began back in 1994 when he built his first. Next he started building and rebuilding his own guitars to use for his live shows. Norm has now created a line of guitars that he has made available for purchase.

Norm has been creating traditional and digital art since he was a kid. His work has never been available for purchase until now! You are able to purchase existing works from this site as well as commission Norm to create certain custom works. Contact Norm for more info.




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