Norm will sometimes get inspired to develop something completely different from any of his standard builds. Some of these eventually become a standard line of guitars and others will end up as a "one off" guitar like the Nightwing Guitar.

Then there is the occasional commission request like n. guitars unique Machine Gun Guitar that becomes a standard commissioned purchase.

Custom Guitars


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Nightwing Guitar

This unique guitar has pieces trailing off the end like a bat wing... hence the name! Norm has no plans to build another one of this design so the owner of this guitar will be the only one.

EMG "Zakk Wylde" 81/85 signature set humbucker pickups power this bad boy with black nickel hardware including a Schaller roller T.O.M. Bridge and Schaller machine heads.


It has a set Maple neck with rosewood fretboard and custom headstock. Finished in a gloss black paint with a metallic blue fleck.


It is available for purchase and includes
a custom n. guitars branded hard shell case.



Machine Gun Guitar

This unique M16 Machine Gun Guitar was requested by a customer.


It has actual M16 Airsoft gun parts with client selected EMG H1A and H4A passive pickups. Black 
hardware including a Babicz full contact 
Bridge and Schaller machine heads.


A Maple neck with rosewood fretboard and an Ash body finished in matte black paint.


It comes standard with an M16 bullet guitar strap and a custom n. guitars branded hard shell gun case.



If you would like to commission a build of your own machine gun guitar contact Norm to discuss the details.


Blue Thunder is a Les Paul inspired design and was the second instrument Norm created for himself.


Airbrushed with pearl blue "true fire" graphic, it has all chrome hardware including two custom humbucker pickups. The paint has a real dimensional depth to it when light hits it.


The hardwood body is a series of laminates creating an interesting grain to the sides and back of the guitar.


The bolt on neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard and custom headstock.

This guitar is not available for sale.

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