Norm is a guitar player and recording artist that has built studio and stage guitars for himself for over ten years. He has decided now to make his guitar designs available to everyone!


He has been playing guitar for more than thirty five years and played in a working band for more than twenty five years performing for audiences of over 30,000 people.


Inspired by B.C. Rich guitars since he was a kid, he strives to design and build his own unique line of electric guitars not currently available on the market today.


Every guitar is setup and tested by Norm and often he records a track with it or uses it for some live performances before releasing it for sale!

Norm treats his guitars like works of high end artwork, every guitar is a one of a kind, hand crafted piece that is signed by Norm. Because each guitar is made by hand, there are never two the same – even the same models are different from one to the next. All hardware and materials for each build is selected by Norm.


Standard stains and Keda colour dies are available with a natural wood finish as well as standard matte or gloss finish. Different paint finishes are also available including a new Nitrocellulose paint finish. Stained and died wood finishes are available in either or both of our unique signature distressed wood and weathered finish treatments. 

Any of our designs can be customized to your liking and preferred hardware can be specified at an additional cost. Some exceptions apply. Specific wood and hardware requests will always depend on availability.

© 2020 by Norm Jolin

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