2018 – 10 Day Eastern U.S. tour with nTTx making stops throughout
New Jersey, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago & Milwaukee

2017 – Second year playing Indie Week with nTTx

2017 – Wrote & recorded guitar tracks for the nTTx studio recording of Earth

2016 – Performed live with nTTx in Ottawa Ontario

2016 – Performed live with nTTx in London Ontario

2016 – Played Indie Week with nTTx

2016 – Performed live with nTTx at the Opera House, Nocturn & Coalition in Toronto

2016 – Released MeltingBox Sound single A Place To Hide

2016 – Released MeltingBox Sound single Take My Hand

2015 – Released MeltingBox Sound music video for the single Liquid Air.


2015 – Released next MeltingBox Sound single Liquid Air with "B-Side" Not Ready.


2015 – n. guitars builds a custom M16 machine gun guitar for a customer.


2015 – Performed Songbird by Fleetwood Mac with opera singer Joanne Genge at a wedding in Newfoundland for the brides entry song to walk up the aisle.


2015 – Released music video for Keira's Song.


2015 – Started rehearsals to perform live with the band nTTx.


2015 – Remastered Keira's Song for new video release.


2015 – n. guitars builds 3 Retro guitars in the different options available to establish the standard line.


2015 – n. guitars builds the first production Battle Axe guitar.


2015 – n. guitars builds the first Razor prototype guitar and a new unnamed as of yet prototype. 


2014 – Wrote & recorded guitar tracks for a couple AtomZero bonus release studio recordings.


2014 – AtomZero gets signed to UK label Analogue Trash.


2014 – Played three shows with AtomZero including New Years Eve in Toronto, Canada.


2014 – Started rehearsals to perform live shows with AtomZero.


2014 – n. guitars builds 2 Little Fin guitars, 1 Blade prototype guitar, 1 Blade bass prototype guitar, 1 Night Wing prototype guitar and 1 Battle Axe prototype guitar.


2014 – Developed several new standard series of guitar lines for n. guitars: Little Fin, Retro, Battle Axe and Blade.


2013 – Performed three songs at the charitable event with the Little Fin guitar being donated. The event was a great success and the Little Fin donation helped to raise almost $20,000.


2013 – n. guitars builds a custom Little Fin guitar and donates it to a charitable event.


2013 – n. guitars builds first custom Little Fin prototype guitar for customer.


2013 – Started building guitars again and started a new company called n. guitars.


2012 – Started working on songs for my new CD release under MeltingBox Sound.


2011 – Keira's Song released for sale on iTunes & Google Play as well as streaming on platforms like Spotify.


2011 – Wrote and recorded first song under MeltingBox Sound in my studio. Song was for my daughter, it was called Keira's Song.


2011 – Wrote & recorded guitar tracks for a couple studio recordings for Peter Godziszewski.


2010 – Built a full recording studio in my basement with a separate recording room adjacent to a sound proof rehearsal room. I'm now completely set up to record a full band.


2009 – Started a new solo music project called MeltingBox Sound.

2009 – Wrote and recorded guitar tracks for several Grey Disorder Studio Recordings


2007 – Purchase an existing guitar body from ebay to paint and build my way.


2007 – After ten years in limbo, I pull out the second guitar that I started building to complete the project.


2006 – I recorded, engineered & produced a five song EP for the artist Birdcage. Also played all the drums on the tracks.


2006 – I continue to develop the Sliver work on my own.


2006 – I record my first full band (Harvesting Humans) in my home recording studio.


2005 – Lance sets up his own recording studio at home and starts to work on a solo project, Sliver is put on hold indefinitely.


2005 – I buy my BC Rich Beast guitar.


2004 – We create a very limited run of “You’re Lookin’ at Country” CD’s to sell to friends and family.


2004 – Sliver completes a country tribute CD “You’re Lookin’ at Country” as a Christmas gift to our parents.     


2004 – I continue to work on my own music as well.


2004 – Lance and I start getting together again to work on music and we form the project Sliver to which we start to re-write and record the songs that we started but never finished with Gord.         


2004 – Gord helps me set up my own recording studio at home.


2004 – I continue to work out of Gord’s studio on my solo music.


2003 – I buy Lances Vantage bass guitar off him.         


2003 – After several years of getting together once a week but not really accomplishing anything significant, we decide that we weren’t really getting anywhere with our efforts and call it quits         


2002 – I buy my BC Rich Virgin guitar.


2001 – I start working on my own in Gord’s studio on some solo music.


2000 – I buy my PRS Custom 22 guitar.


2000 – I sell my mixing board and the three of us buy a new digital mixing board together and start digitally recording songs at Gord’s place.


1999 – Gord, Lance and myself start to get together again once a week at Gord’s apartment to work on music.


1998 – I buy a mixing board and set up a little recording studio at home.


1997 – We play a couple of local shows with our final show as a group taking place in Oshawa. We had our own lighting tech and roadies to set up and take down for us.


1997 – We bring in Mike Bryant from Shadwell’s Jacket to play keyboards with us.


1997 – We bring in a new bass player, change the band name to MK Ultra and start working on new material unrelated to the Riddle Me This… work.


1997 – We leave our rehearsal studio in Ajax and move into a new rehearsal studio in Oshawa


1997 – Lance finds out he is going to be a father and decides to leave the band


1997 – For the second year in a row, we win the Moon Room Bandwarz Competition and contribute a song to their compilation CD


1996 – We record “Almost Human” for the Kiss Compilation


1996 – We are asked to contribute a song to a Kiss Tribute Compilation CD


1996 – We start receiving fan mail, signing autographs, getting phone calls and being recognized locally in the malls and restaurants


1996 – I replace my stolen amplifiers with a new Fender single 12” and a Marshall 2-12” cabinet along with the new Boss GT5


1996 – We watch ourselves on TV for the first time


1996 – We do the Rogers recording


1996 – I start to build my second guitar from scratch


1996 – Our rehearsal studio was broken into and most of our equipment was stolen the weekend before the Rogers Cable recording. Long & McQuade lent the equipment needed for us to do our performance


1996 – We were asked to be part of a Rogers Cable TV series where local bands were interviewed and did an on-stage performance for the show


1996 – I buy a new custom built guitar


1996 – We play EdgeFest at Molson Park where over 20,000 people were in attendance


1996 – We start playing and booking shows through CFNY


1996 – We start hearing our songs being played on the radio


1996 – We have our CD release party at Chameleon Cafe where we announce that we were one of the finalists for the CFNY New Rock Search Competition


1996 – New drummer John Levasseur joins the band


1996 – We enter the track “Stutter” from the CD to two radio station Music Search Contests


1996 – We use Music Manufacturing Services to make our CD’s


1996 – I build my first guitar from scratch with the body made out of clear acrylic


1996 – We have our recording mastered and I design the CD art


1996 – We have Simon Head mix the recording


1995 – We rent all the necessary recording equipment from Simon Head and over the month of December (in a bedroom, on our own) we record our first full length CD – Anomaly


1995 – Without a drummer, we decide to program all the drums for the CD


1995 – During pre-production, Mike leaves the band


1995 – We again were playing shows and shortly thereafter started planning and rehearsing to record our first full length demo CD


1995 – Lance gets married and at the wedding, Gord tells us that leaving the band was a mistake and he would like get back in. Since we had a new drummer now and with Gords previous vocal experience, the recent vocal vacancy seemed logical spot for him to fill, so Gord re-joined the band as our lead singer


1995 – Lance and I decide to hire Mike Manheri as our new drummer and Gord works with him to learn the songs


1995 – We play our last show together at the Opera House


1995 – Chris announces that he was leaving the band to move to Vancouver


1995 – Chris gets married


1995 – Gord announces that he is leaving the band due to financial constraints and the search for a new drummer begins


1995 – We win the Moon Room Bandwarz competition and recorded a song for their compilation CD. Again we record this song live off the floor, this time right at the Moon Room club


1995 – After playing many shows, we decided to go back into the recording studio to produce our first professionally recorded CD. Spending a weekend at Chalet Studios (Bare Naked Ladies, Rush), we recorded six tracks with the intention to go back and record an additional six tracks at a later date. We never did make it back into Chalet Studios to complete the project due to lack of funds, so all we ever got from that recording session was a quick board mix of the songs we recorded


1995 – We play our first live recorded performance at the Groovy Basement in Toronto


1995 – We have our demo tape release party at Cheers in Toronto


1995 – I buy a new Boss GT4 Stereo effects system to work with my two amplifiers


1995 – Designed and produced Riddle Me This… t-shirts in preparation for the release of our demo tape


1995 – We recorded our first official demo tape, a six song recording that was recorded in one day. The recording was live off the floor (with the exception of a few dubbed guitar and vocal tracks) at our rehearsal studio


1994 – Due to planning changes in the building that we rehearsed, we were required to leave our rehearsal studio and find a new space to practice. We found our new rehearsal space in Ajax, a communal band space where 4–5 other bands rehearsed at any given time as well, scheduling practice time within the space


1994 – Rebuild the first electric guitar I purchased years ago with all new hardware (Sperzel Locking Machine Heads, Floyd Rose Tremolo, and an EMG active Pick-Up) creating a beat-up but awesome sounding stage guitar that I could let lose with on stage and not worry about damaging it – not to mention, it now glowed in the dark


1994 – I buy a second Amplifier along with some new effects pedals


1994 – He continued to play shows with us while he helped us find his replacement Gord Clement. Without missing a beat, things picked up right where Adrian left off


1993/1994 – We continued to write, rehearse, record, book and play live shows until our drummer ran into some personal conflicts and had to leave the band


1993 – Frank Ross eventually booked us our first live gig, a band wars competition that he was involved with. Although we were one of the finalists in this competition over several weeks of performing, we were unable to make it to the final show due to scheduling conflicts


1993 – After long debates and discussions, we finally settled on a name for our band, Riddle Me This…


1993 – We continued to go into the recording studio whenever we had anything ready to record


1993 – After trying out several different drummer candidates over several months, we finally found someone that we clicked with and Adrian Lawrence became our first official drummer


1992 – We set up our first rehearsal studio in some cruddy old office building basement in downtown Oshawa


1992 – We put up some ads locally looking for a drummer as Chris had turned his focus to singing


1992 – As a trio we continued to work on new songs and went back into the studio to record some new material whenever we had a couple of songs to record


1992 – Met with bass player (another fellow graphic design classmate) Lance Pilon. We let him hear our recent recordings and he was interested in playing bass with us


1992 – We recorded our first two songs together “Her Name Was Agnes” and “More” at Frank Ross Recording Studio – a studio converted from a garage that had 1/4” reel to reel equipment. I wrote and played all guitars while collaborating with Chris on the lyrics and song structure, Chris sang and played drums. There were no bass tracks on these recordings


1992 – With no place to rehearse and no singer, Chris and I started working acoustically writing in his apartment and rehearsing where ever we could. I would play guitar and Chris would sing


1992 – We booked our first show and as the reality of performing live drew closer, the singer backed out due to stage fright


1991 – At the singers grandmothers house, we wrote songs, rehearsed and talked about possibly playing our first show in the very near future


1991 – Started working on a new music project with another classmate Chris Trubella who was getting into playing drums at the time. He had a friend that sang and another friend that played bass


1991 – Bill, Steve and I start to jam regularly in that garage


1991 – Bill moves out of his parents house and gets an apartment with his new girlfriend. The new place has a vacant garage in back


1990 – I started collaborating with fellow guitar player and College classmate Steve Parsons


1988/1990 – We jammed regularly in my Uncles house and my writing continued


1989 – With my newly received government grant, I went directly to Long & McQuade and purchased a new amplifier to go with my next purchase, a red Charvelle Jackson Model 5 guitar from a fellow classmates husband


1988 – Moved in with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins in Oshawa to go to Durham College


1987 – I was accepted into the Durham College Program


1987 – Using college as my opportunity, I took the Greyhound 13 hours South to Oshawa to interview with Durham College to attend their Graphic Design Program


1987 – I wanted badly to be in a band at this point, my cousin Bill being a drummer (now living in Oshawa – Greater Toronto Area), was anxious for me to move to Oshawa to start that band with him and play shows in and around the GTA


1987 – I’d now written between 20 and 30 songs that I had recorded using my home made cassette recording system


1986 – Recorded my first song at school after class with my teacher on his recording equipment for a Toronto Song Writing Competition


1986 – Did my first onstage performance in front of a crowd with my fellow classmates at a high school event


1985 – Started taking a guitar class in high school, my school was the first in Ontario to have a music class exclusively for guitar


1985 – Chatting with my cousin Bill Jolin (who lived in Calgary at the time) via snail mail, he would send me lyrics that he would write and I would put them to music and record them


1985 – With a couple of cassette recorders, I would record a guitar track, play it back in one cassette player, play my guitar along with it to record both guitar tracks with the other cassette player. Then I would play that back and sing along with it to record my vocals. Mulit-track recording before I even knew what it was! I later found out that this is how most musicians starting out worked, it wasn’t ingenious or unique on my part!


1985 – At this point I started writing my own songs


1985 – I went to a local music store and bought a small Peavey practice amp which I still have today


1985 – Playing these songs on acoustic never felt right so I bought my friends electric guitar from him for $100


1984 – Pulling out my acoustic guitar again, I started learning some of the songs that I enjoyed listening to so much


1984 – A friend from school showed me his electric guitar and showed me some songs he had learned (Van Halen, ACDC, Black Sabbath) and that peaked my interest again, I had now discovered the power chord!


1984 – After about six months of playing folk songs such as “Blowing in the Wind”, my interest in playing guitar dwindled dramatically! My fingers hurt and I didn’t like what I was playing so my guitar went into the closet for a few months


1984 – My parents bought me the acoustic guitar that I was learning on from my instructor


1984 – Started guitar lessons with a friend of the family who was a guitar player. I was learning basic chords, how to tune the guitar etc…


1984 – I wanted badly to buy a bass guitar but my parents decided that if I was going to learn to play a stringed instrument, it would have six strings… fine with me, it was a start!


1983 – This was the year I discovered Motley Crue and I was blown away by the album Shout at the Devil! I suddenly wanted to be a bass player big time, I just loved the whole persona of Nikki Sixx, his look, his image and his attitude. This is when I decided that when I grew up I wanted to be a rock star. I started working out ways I could pursue that interest


1983 – The Police Synchronicity was the first album that I purchased myself


1980 – My favorite Kiss characters were Ace Frehley, followed closely by Peter Criss strictly based on the make-up design and colours!


1980 – While listening to my Kiss album, I would wrap myself up in a red crazy carpet and while adorning a kids snow shovel, I’d climb up onto the house oil tank and pretend to be performing as Gene Simmons on stage


1979 – Kiss Dynasty was my first album, it was a christmas gift that I had begged for for months. Of course, when I played it for the first time, it skipped (gotta love vinyl!!). I never had a copy of that album that didn’t skip until I bought it on CD!


1977/1981 – my interest in Kiss (from a visual perspective) was great, being an artist, I would illustrate their make-up designs regularly



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