This One-Of-A-Kind Nightwing guitar has a set neck and a midnight blue automotive gloss paint finish. The midnight blue colour is a black with dark blue metallic fleck mixed into the paint.


Body: Beech | One Piece

Neck: Maple with Rosewood Fretboard | White Marker Dots

Bridge: Schaller Roller Bridge & Tail Piece | Black Nickel

Machine Heads: Schaller M6 Mini | Black Nickel

Pickups: EMG | Zak Wylde Pro Series 81/85 Set | Black

n. guitars – Nightwing Guitar

  • The Nightwing Guitar is a One-Of-A-Kind Guitar. Norm has no plans to ever build another of this model so the owner of this guitar will be the only one to get this unique n. guitars model.

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