My Protected Love Painting is multiple mediums on an 18" x 18" canvas. Acrylic paint for the rain drops, spray paint for the heart and India ink for the silhouette subject and the balloon string.

This painting is only available as a commissioned piece because each is custom painted for the customer. The silhouette subject on each painting is a capture of the customers loved one. This could be your child, spouse, parent, sibling or even your pet.


I ask to be suppled with a half dozen or so photos of your loved one doing their favourite activities so I can try to capture their personality within the silhouette. The raindrops could be a rainbow of colour or one or two of your favourites.

Allow 4 – 6 Weeks from the commissioned date for your painting to be ready for pickup or shipping. Shiping charges will be extra. You will be able to follow the progress of your painting on my Facebook page "This is me… This is my art"

Protected Love Painting

Raindrop Colour

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